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Bank Clarity has had the honor of being featured in some of the most well known bank marketing publications. Read below to see where our agency has been featured, and see what we've been up to in the public eye. 

Mike Sells' article was featured on American Bankers Association discussing how to compel & persuade, and how we have accomplished that with our banking clients.

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Our work last year for the Texarkana Arkansas School District was a big winner at this year's Little Rock Addy Awards presented by the American Advertising Federation. The campaign of environmental graphics tied to each school’s magnet theme was responsible for four of the agency’s ten wins, including two Golds, one Silver and a Special Judges’ Award for Best Design.

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“Mike Sells, Owner/CEO, of the Sells Agency/Bank Clarity was featured in this year’s Executive Q&A. Arkansas Business offers a compilation that appeals to the universal interest in other people, all 50 of 2015’s “Executive Q&A” features in the first issue of Arkansas Business for 2016.” 

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Sells Agency and Arkansas Bankers Association host Bank Marketing Conference in Little Rock, Arkansas. 

Sells Agency featured in American Banker's Association "Bank Marketing and Sales" magazine covering "How to Hold your Agency Accountable."

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“Research reveals why people switch, where they’d bank next, and whether consumers think all institutions are fundamentally the same.”

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“When it comes to media buying, the era when decisions were simple and straightforward has come to an end.  With digital, everything is much more complex.” 

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 “Two decades ago, there were only a handful of media options available to local and regional advertisers. Today, the options have exploded with digital versions of newspapers and magazines, streaming TV shows and radio, etc. Add in online and mobile banner ads, search, in-app ads and countless pre-roll video options, and it’s easy to see just how much media consumption has changed.”

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“A new consumer media report from Little Rock’s Sells Agnecy outlines the current state of media consumption and details what it calls a proliferations and fragmentation of new media.”

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“Bank marketing professionals know primary account relationships are the key to long-term growth and profitability. Unless a costumer considers your bank a primary bank, it is difficult to up-sell and cross-sell additional services that drive profitability. Furthermore, the sing-service checking account customer is often regarded as a drag on profitability.”  

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