Bank Marketing Clarity


Achieving Marketing Clarity

One of the biggest challenges facing bank marketing professionals is demonstrating an ROI for your marketing budget and progressing toward business and marketing goals. In this environment, your marketing plan and budget can easily be disrupted by service line leaders who need marketing support for their area.

Our process approach helps solve these issues while developing clear marketing goals that drive growth and profitability for the entire bank. We'll establish measureable objectives that are tracked over time to demonstrate progress. With decades of experience, we can help you develop research-based plans, execution strategies and tracking that put you in control of your marketing plans and budgets. 

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bank clarity research-icnResearch

Before beginning any marketing, communications or public relations programs, it is imperative that the entire marketing team have a deep understanding of the environment in which marketing efforts will be utilized. At the Sells Agency, we rely upon many types and forms of research to gain this understanding—from custom market research to finding relevant secondary research sources, or by simply asking the right questions of the right people in your bank.

Here are some of the common areas of research we explore:

  • Understanding your brand
  • Consumer perceptions
  • Strengths & weaknesses
  • Brand position in the market 
  • Understanding your consumers
  • Existing customers (customer satisfaction)
  • Potential customers (Who are they? What motivates & moves them?)
  • Consumer purchasing behavior 
  • Understanding your marketplace
  • Competition
  • Products 

bank clarity marketing-icnMarketing Planning

Developing a marketing plan and then adhering to that plan is a major part of what helps our clients achieve Marketing Clarity. Too often, without a plan, the marketing function becomes reactive and lacks strategic focus. Many things get done, but not necessarily the most important, or the most profitable. Planning ensures that we maximize the use of resources – time, effort, and budgets.

Proper planning will focus resources in the right direction – the direction that will lead to reaching and achieving your bank's most important business goals.

Within the Marketing Clarity process, we will help you establish:

  1. Marketing Goals - where you want your bank and your brand to be.
  2. Objectives - measurements that indicate progress toward reaching your goals.
  3. Strategies - the marketing strategies you will deploy to achieve your objectives.
  4. Tactics - specific marketing actions you will execute to fulfill the strategies.

bank clarity crdev-icnCreative Development

Creative development is the key to bringing your vision to reality. Our team of skilled copywriters and designers craft a message that will appeal to your target audience and enhance brand awareness, while helping to drive campaign results that are tied to your bank's marketing plan.

 bank clarity execution-icnExecution

At Sells, we believe a campaign's success reaches its full potential when distributed via multi-channel execution. Luckily for us, and your brand, we have the capabiliteis to expand across multiple media platforms such as digital, broadcast, print, out-of-home, direct mail and others. We are skilled at all forms of media execution and program deployment.

bank clarity assessment-icnAssessment

As an agency, we are fearless about assessment. Too many banks are scared to crosscheck their marketing campaign's performance with their marketing plan's objectives, but we are prepared and ready to show the ROI of your marketing budgets. You will have an accurate picture of your campaign results in order to have a thorough understanding of where your plan has hit the mark and where adjustments might be needed moving forward.

If you aren't tracking your results, how can you prove the value of marketing within your organization?

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