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Several times a year, Bank Clarity will conduct and release reports on topics of interest to bank marketing professionals. These research reports will be made available free of charge to download through our website. Printed copies can be requested. It's our goal to help bank marketing professionals better understand customers and their preferences in the banking and financial services industries.

Current research reports available for download: 

Why do people switch banks?

Growing market share and expanding into new markets can be slow and difficult because of how infrequently consumers change banks. Understanding when and why bank switching occurs and what consumers are looking for and considering when they do change banks is crucial knowledge for bank marketers. This quantitative research report will provide helpful data and insight for designing marketing programs that appeal to consumers at this critical time. 

why do people switch banks

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The banking habits of professional Millennials

This national, quantitative research study of college-educated, young professionals, aged 25-29 will provide helpful - and most likely surprising - insights into the banking preferences and practices of the most valuable and sought-after millennials. If you want to be the preferred bank for this next generation of influential customers, you need this report. 


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Gaining Market Share Through Secondary Account Holders

Gaining Market Share Image 

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